Organizational Consulting & Peak Performance Coaching

Optimizing human performance for a new age

Purpose & Meaning + Unlocked Potential

Where do we begin to transform our cultures by reawakening our heart's desires to create something meaningful & unlock our fullest potential in the work that we do?

Work is not about the paycheck we collect or the title we achieve – work is about the purpose and meaning of our heart’s desires met with the value we create by applying our skills and unlocking our fullest potential to something we are passionate about.

We are not what we know, but what we are willing to learn.
- Mary Catherine Bateson

How do we reawaken our human desire to engage, learn & grow?

Optimal Wellbeing & Performance

Intrinsic Motivation

This is the kind of motivation that comes from within and is limitless.  We chase it for its inherent reward, its guaranteed delivery of satisfaction and greater sense of overall wellbeing.

Recent developments in positive psychology are revealing insights into what states define optimal wellbeing for humans. Developments in neuroscience are providing tangible ways for us to train our brains and bodies towards optimal performance.

Understanding how to get our biology to work for us instead of against us, resulting in a game-changing approach to human potential.

Organizational Consulting

You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.
- Cal Newport, Atomic Habits

unlock sustained peak performance in your teams

We ensure internal alignment on a compelling vision and well-articulated strategy that are meaningful to employees and supported by the culture and climate of your organization.  

Our Organizational Consulting also provides:

Results of a cultlure changing approach to human performance for the decade ahead:

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Increase In Productivity

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Faster Skill Acquisition

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Increase In Creative Problem Solving

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Increase In Learning

When we create environments which foster the ‘right conditions’ for all members to give their best each day, they are committed to their organization’s goals and values, they feel connected and are motivated to contribute to the team’s success. They have a greater sense of their own wellbeing and purpose for life.

The results are healthier, more engaged humans at work, at home, and in our communities, enabling us to transform our culture together.


Learn how to become more effective and achieve more than ever in less time, so you can innovate and keep pace in an exponential world. You will learn rockstar recovery to become that person who’s always the state of calm, composed and ruthlessly effective. 

We will create more space in your life so you can take more time to think, learn and grow.

Features of the Coaching Program

Laser-Like Clarity

About where you’re going in life & business & exactly how to get there.

Diamond-Like Adaptability

So that pressure, adversity & uncertainty forge you into a stronger leader.

500% Increase In Productivity

So you can go to work on Monday & get the same amount done as you currently do in an entire week (literally)

On Demand Access to Flow States

So you can spend your entire workday in that hyper-focused zone & say goodbye to the distractions of politics, colleagues & trivial nonsense.

What you can expect

What Does Shikari Mean?

Shikari has 4 levels of meaning:

The First Meaning

The first meaning level is the “street definition” of Shikari. Common people will call a big-game hunter a Shikari, perhaps because there is usually some degree of tracking involved.

The Second Meaning

The second level definition refers to the learning and experience pathway of children growing up indigenous in the region: awakened senses, integrated senses and bonding with the beings and elements of the natural world around them.

The Third Meaning

The third level refers to people who are called to follow the Shikari journey described at the second level into their adulthood. Meaning they are called to this path as their calling, this is their passion and way of life. These people become extraordinary in their sensory capacities, their ability to decipher nature’s mysteries and, often in their mastery in the skills of tracking and the language of animals and birds.

The Fourth Meaning

The fourth level refers to Shikari as Deity: First Creation Spiritual Advice to Second Creation Culture. A person at the fourth level of Shikari develops a level of telepathic communication with the beings and elements of the natural world. This culminates when this person has communication with the deity of the local ecosystem, who is called “Shikari”. This spirit connection with Shikari helps the person act as an intercessor between the needs of the natural world, and the human world. One could say First Creation communication comes through a Shikari at this level and helps inform Second Creation thinking, planning and tending for the people, the land and the future generations.

shikari consulting

Unlocking human potential is my passion. Changing our culture is my purpose. Culture is my ceremony.
- Dr. Carol Grojean, Shikari Consulting