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Workplace induced stress is costing your organization

Underperforming human capital is limiting organization success. Stress, burnout and disengagement causes attrition, turnover and suboptimal productivity – all of which result in wasted resources. 

94% of executives agree that tackling employee performance is critical to success!

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Bn cost to employers of work-related stress in the US alone 

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Mn working days lost from stress-related absenteeism

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Of employees are stressed at work

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Routinely lose sleep due to work-related stress

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Have quit a job due to overwhelm and burnout

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Are actively looking for another job/opportunity every day

Employee stress & burnout have reached "epidemic" levels over the past decade.
- World Health Organization

Why are we so stressed?

We are entering an age of acceleration

Rapid technological growth is going to require a human resiliency and adaptability that far exceeds any transformation of our culture to date. Yet, there is a mismatch today between the pace of change we are operating at and our ability to adapt, let alone thrive.

We are becoming overwhelmed because we are operating at a faster pace than our brain and nervous systems were designed for.

As humans, our nervous systems don’t have the capacity to shift gears like a machine. And when our ability to connect and create something meaningful together breaks down, our culture breaks down – both at work and in our societies. 

Where do we begin to transform our cultures?

We've combined the most powerful elements of executive coaching with scientific research & cutting edge digital delivery to produce a powerful solution

optimal wellbeing for humans

Developments in positive psychology are revealing insights into what states define optimal wellbeing for humans. And developments in neuroscience are providing tangible ways for us to train our brains and bodies towards optimal performance.

Understanding how to get our biology to work for us instead of against us, results in a game changing approach to human potential. 

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